Dads Club

Our Dads Club Rocks

What is the Dads Club??

Madera’s Dads Club is an informal arm of the PTA targeted towards ‘hands on’ volunteers. It’s an EASY way to be involved at Madera, any level of commitment is appreciated. We don’t do meetings. We don’t have dues. We occasionally gather at a local pub or play poker. Our main goal:?have fun and get stuff done.


What does the Dads Club do?
  • Host our annual BURNING DAD camping night in Tilden.
  • Donate an annual WORK PARTY to raise money for the school.
  • Help the PTA setup and teardown events.
  • Lean on broom handles and talk about?Sunday’s?game.
  • Put on movies and other audio-visual spectaculars at the school.
  • Help teachers by doing odd-jobs in the classroom.
  • Other on-campus work parties
Join Us!

For more information contact:
Kevin Gauna,?

Join the Madera Dad’s Club Google Group.

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