JumpStart August 17th


Saturday, August 17, 10:00 am – 12:00pm
Madera Elementary


MEF and the PTA will be hosting its annual JumpStart on Saturday, August 17th from 10am-12pm. Join us in welcoming families to another school year and learn about what Madera has to offer.

To make the process run quickly and smoothly at JumpStart, please do the following:

  1. Complete the Annual Forms–?Go online and complete the?WCCUSD Annual Forms?prior to August 17th.
  2. Join the PTA and Madera Elementary Foundation– Print and complete the?PTA/MEF membership form?and bring the completed form to Jumpstart.
  3. Make your Annual Giving Contribution– Print and complete the?Annual Giving Form?and bring the completed form to Jumpstart.

The PTA/MEF membership and Annual Giving can be paid for at JumpStart by check or credit card.

Forms and a limited amount of computers will be available at the event. Once the checklist is complete, you will be able to find out your child’s teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. If you are unable to attend, please visit the front of the school after 4pm on Sunday, August 18th to find out your child’s placement.


  1. The first link above (to get the Annual Forms) directs us to the PowerSchool portal. However, we have not be able to successfully log in or create an account. Creating an account seems to require a student’s Access ID and Access Password, neither of which we have. We are able to log into the WCCUSD infosnap site and see a link to Annual Forms there, but accessing them seems to require a “15-character snapcode” that we also do not have. Could someone please provide some guidance? Thank you!

  2. Update for parents of incoming Kindergartners: To complete the forms mentioned in item 1 of this post you will need a student ID for your child. I called Madera to ask about this and they told me that IDs for new students have not been not generated yet. They are working on it and that they should mailing this information shortly.

    • Hi Eduardo! Thank you for sharing this information. I hope you received the school mailer with the information needed to register with PowerSchool. We got ours today.

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